Student Travel Information

Students, soon after being accepted for enrollment, will be contacted by the Travel Office to arrange travel to the school. Chemawa receives funding to provide 4 trips per year - 1) trip to the school at the beginning of enrollment, 2) trip home for winter break, 3) trip returning to school after winter break and 4) home at the close of the school year. Funding is not provided for Thanksgiving, Easter or Spring break travel, nor does Chemawa receive funding to provide trips home for bereavement situations during the school year. These travel expenses, including the shuttle expense to get students to Salem, are the responsibility of the family.

It is important for students to travel as directed in the provided itineraries. All arrangements must be coordinated through the travel office in order to avoid circumstances that create unforeseen difficulties (such as transportation to the school) or added expenses. If circustances prevent traveling as scheduled, be aware that travel will only be rescheduled one time. After this, any additional expenses or fees will be the responsibility of the student's family.

Chemawa arranges travel by the following modes - taking into consideration cost, time and convenience to the family location.

  • Train - Amtrak makes a connection to Salem, Oregon. Amtrak station is approimately 20 minutes from the school campus
  • Bus - Greyhound Bus Lines has a fully staff bus depot in Salem and is open until 8:00 pm nightly. The bus station is approximately 20 minutes from campus.
  • Air - Salem, Oregon does not have any local airline service. Portland International Airport (PDX) is located approximately 50 miles north of Salem and provides Chemawa with their airline connections. Shuttle service is available from Portland Airport to Salem for a nominal fee.

Travel Tips:

  • All travelers need one piece of government issued photo identification with an expiration date, such as a driver's license or state issued identification card. It is often helpful to carry a second piece of ID, such as a tribal identification card.
  • It is advised to carry on snack food and to have enough cash for meals on the trip.
  • Make sure that before leaving home you have the phone number of the school written down or programmed into your phone for unforseen circumstances.
  • All federal and state laws apply to student travelers while in travel status. In the event that a student violates a state or federal law, they will be subject to the requirements and penalties of those laws. Chemawa has limited responsibility for the student prior to arriving to campus.
  • Students that are removed from bus, train or airlines for a violation of the law will be responsible to secure continued travel to the school or back home.
  • Students violating state or federal laws while traveling are subject to school disciplinary processes, including and up to revokation of admission and immediate return home.

Luggage Tips:

  • Most airlines allow 1 (one) carry on bag and 1 (one) small personal item without fee.
  • Checked baggage fees are the responsibility of the student and these are individually charged by the airline. Be aware that all checked bags have size and weight limitations and these vary by airlines. It is best to check with the specific airline prior to departure.
  • Chemawa is not responsible for lost baggage or confiscated property

For information on what to expect, including what to or not to bring to school, please click here.

Students leaving school early before the end of the term may result in losing some or all of the credit for that trimester.